1kw HOME POWER  surprise announcement

Realization of co-generation system for home g HOME POWERh !

Can supply electricity and heat for home by small, independent and dispersed power plant.




We are the exclusive agent for Japan of gBIOWATTh developed by Sunpower Inc.(USA) and licensed to External Power, LLC (USA)








This Home Power (Biowatt) is a biomass-fueling Stirling Engine System consisting of a biomass combustion chamber, Stirling engine, linear generator, control system and fuel feeding system, etc. The linear generator linked to a free piston can generate power of 1kw an hour.

To get 1kw of power, about 1.4kg of biomass will be required as fuel.


The left photo shows the system generating power by turning on bulbs.  


A test of automatic continuous operation for 6 hours is being performed with 6 kg of biomass solid fuel (pellet) in a fuel box.


Biomass wastes such as rice husks and sawdusts can be used as the fuel for the system.